Thanks to Brian @MaltMustings on Twitter (X) for sending me a sample, I thankfully got to try the latest Distillery Edition (DE) release from Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond Distillery Edition 5 Single Malt Whisky

This the Distillery Edition 5, unfortunately due to its limit of 600 bottles, is now sold out, the latest DE release information can be found by following THIS LINK
But to summarise from their website; 

"This single malt whisky is distilled in our remarkable Straight Neck stills using 100% unpeated malted barley and is taken at a high collection strength of 85%. Michael Henry, our Master Blender, has opted for a Chardonnay wine yeast during fermentation for this edition, amplifying the orchard fruit notes created during distillation.

The whisky is then matured for 8 years in 1st fill American Oak resulting in a fruit-forward single malt with green apple, kiwi, and a gentle note of cinnamon spice."

My thoughts and tasting notes-

Sweet with fresh fruit, a very inviting nose bringing the expected orchard fruit of the distillery character, together with some unexpected gooseberry pie following up with powered sugar and candy apple. It's a very vibrant and expressive nose.
At the back end of the nose are some gentle peppery spice.

Juicy and again vibrant, with the expected orchard fruit. There are similarities to a medium sweet wine, which leads to an orchard fruit crumble with a malty biscuit and cream topping. The finish is a peppery oak.

I prefer the nose, I sat and nosed the whisky for quite sometime, its fresh and an expressive experience, which leads into sensations of a bright summers day, this whisky would pair well with strawberries and cream, perhaps an alternative to Pimms for Wimbledon. The Palate while still fantastic, fell just short of what the nose was offering, perhaps time and a drop of water would open it up more, alas, the 30ml sample was just enough to get an idea of the quality of this whisky.

Would I buy a bottle?
At £57 for the 8 Year Old Whisky at 59.1% ABV Cask Strength, non chill filtered and cask strength, we have to take a look at the scores:

Value: 9.8
Nose: 8.75
Palate: 8.5
Overall: 9/10

YES YES YES I would buy a bottle, having bought both Distillery Editions 2 & 3, I am sad to say I missed buying 4 & 5, but the distillery editions have proved to be nothing short of exceptional releases.